Provider Benefits

Medicare’s MIPS program causes approximately 50% of all physician practices to be penalized financially by Medicare each year. A dedicated, well-organized chronic care management program like ours will earn the MIPS points needed for practices to be in the 50% that receive a positive financial incentive year after year.

Getting there is possible because Your Doctor In Touch alleviates the burn-out and workload physicians and their staff often confront when trying to accurately and effectively conquer Medicare’s “Carrot & Stick” incentive programs.

Improved profit: Our CCM services provide practices with profit increases through targeted care that meets Medicare’s MIPS requirements.

Consistent care: We service every CCM patient without taxing the pactice’s staff.

Remote care: Your Doctor In Touch works with the practice without taking up the physical space and organization required by in-office CCM teams.

Increased efficiency: Our dedicated CCM team provides a high rate of patient contact that maximizes adherence to care plans and provider-prescribed treatments.

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